Why a blog
The short counter of this would be: why not a blog?
Ah, I hear you say: "There are so many, what makes this one different?"
My answer would be to tell you there is no difference. That it will not be better than any other blog. Perhaps even worse. There is of course a major difference for me: this is my blog. And that makes it special to me. Even if alone for the fact that I will be doing the work of writing this time, instead of only reading.
The above did not answer the question in the heading.
To be honest, I am not sure why. I like writing. Not that I am great at it, and especially not in a foreign language like English. But I do like it. Perhaps it is the creative process involved in it that attracts me, just as in photography. And, just like photography, you can be mediocre and still do it.
It's probably part an eagerness of sharing my opinions. It's part the wish to tell about photography. Not in the way an expert would, but in the way as I experience it. Many blogs are written by people knowing very well what they are doing and what they are talking about. Mine will most likely never turn out that way. Just for the reason that I do not aspire to become a professional photographer. I have a job and like to make photos in my spare time. I like post processing them even more. But I like it as a hobby. To relax, to spend a nice time. And to not have to feel bad should I do nothing with it for a while.
What to expect?
That is a question I cannot answer fully right now. I can tell you what I think currently, but with passing time, things change, people change and so do blogs change. My intention is to keep this mostly about photography.
That means photography in general, but for a big part it will be about how I experience this. So, it will also be a bit about me (no worries, I will leave all the NSFW stuff out đŸ˜€). I will most likely point to things I found on the net, or post a photo. The photos I might post will be mine, or I will be as certain as I can be that I am allowed to post them. I then might give my opinion about a photo or site. I might tell about what I thought or was doing when I took a photo. Or perhaps I might just tell how I changed it in post processing and why. Or how I did it.
How often will there be content?
That one is more easy to answer. That is - in the end - depending on readers and feedback. If I find that after a while still nobody was interested in reading the blog even once, then I am probably going to stop. If I find there might be people taking the time to read it, I will most likely go on and keep posting. However I do expect not more than once a week. Could be a little above that in the start, and could be a little less often later on. As at this point I have some ideas about what I might blog about, but  if those are written, I would have to find new topics.
But, if I find people not only willing to read, but perhaps some that actually would want to contribute, there might be a bit more.

© André Speelmans
12 februari 2017

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